Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday; I had internet issues all day and couldn't get a feed up and running to post. And being behind the bar all afternoon, I couldn't go someplace else to log on.  Things seem to be back to normal today but let's see what happens...

I am anticipating another busy weekend, with the NY Jets kicking off their playoff run.  Jet fans should return in full force now that the regular season is over and the Miami Dolphins are playing golf.  The playoff schedule is as follows:
New Orleans vs Seattle (4:30pm)
NY Jets vs Indianapolis (8:20pm)

Baltimore vs Kansas City (1pm)
Green Bay vs Philadelphia (4pm)

As always, we'll have drink specials throughout the weekend and all games will be aired w/audio!  My predictions?  Here goes:  New Orleans, Indianapolis, Baltimore and Philadelphia (sorry Jet fans... too much behind the scene drama will bring you down).

Someone asked me how I was doing with "No-Juice January".   For those of you out of the loop, each January I swear off booze for the month, basically to "detox" from all of the holiday celebrating that we do in November/December.  One would think that if you're working in a bar, that this would be an impossible feat.  I am not a big boozer to begin with so cutting it out isn't really that difficult for me.  The hardest thing for me is having to deal with beer reps and their "samples".  I don't really like to bring on new beers without trying them first.  

This year's version of No-Juice January is also a bit more difficult because we finally got some really good beers on tap (Lagunitas Brown Shugga, Otter Creek Alpine Black IPA) and I have to wait until the end of the month to try them out.  *sigh*  Oh well, wish me luck!

2011 kicks off our 20th year of business here in Murray Hill and we plan on celebrating it all year long!  Look out for various events and activities highlighting our 20 years of "Good, Pouring Fun"- For example, next Tuesday, we're celebrating 1-11-11 by going "old school" with $1 domestic draft mugs (not just Bud/Bud Light), honoring our famous DOLLAR DRAFT MADNESS, the longest running beer special in Murray Hill!  With events like this, I guarantee you it's going to be a great year!

Thanks for checking in!  As always, go to our website  and our FACEBOOK page to see what's on tap tonight and all weekend long!



Anonymous said...

I stayed sober 1/3-1/5, or technically 6:30 pm on 1/6. I had people calling me asking if I was ok or if I had guns in the house. What does that tell you?

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