Saturday, October 8, 2005


It's a rather dreary wet Saturday afternoon, so I guess now is as good a time as any to update you on last night's events.

A couple of weeks ago, H.B.E. and I had a discussion about raising staff morale and we talked about how in the past, the staff would always make it a point to have a night out, whether it be going out for dinner, drinks, sporting events, etc. So he decided to set up a STAFF NIGHT at the bar. This would be a good way for everyone to hang out together on the same side of the bar and unwind, instead of just seeing each other during their working shifts. The get-together would involve both present staff as well as former staff favorites and this would be a good opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and blow off some steam.

First to arrive was our former doorman and good friend to the bar, DA AZZKICKER. Now don't let that name fool you; while he would set an imposing presence at the door, he is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet; the ladies love him and the guys want to be like him. Kinda like a burly JAMES BOND... We talked about old times, I of course, tried to convince him to come back to the "family", and who knows?

There were also a couple of girls who used to live in the neighborhood hanging out at the bar. They decided to hang out at Third and Long for old times' sake. When they lived in the neighborhood, they were a wild group- not afraid to have reckless fun. Always fun to be around and pretty popular with the bar staff. It's always good to see them when they stop back for a visit.

During this time, FRENCHY stopped by with another friend of the bar; I'll call her the RUNNING LADY. She used to volunteer to run marathons with blind people, which I always found to be admirable. She is a great friend to the bar and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. She recently had her first child and was gracious enough to bring her around for us to see.

By this time, folks started to trickle in. BLONDE CHATTERBOX, SULLY T, LAW SCHOOL J, SEXY BLONDE, TEACHERS PET, ANDRE the CHEF and THE ITALIAN STALLION were some of the notables in attendance; The gathering started out nice and easy; casual drinking and chatting was the order of the day. During this time, the bar started to fill up for the Yankees/Angels game. By the time the game began, the inhibitions were starting to get a bit loose and people were letting their hair down.

By the end of the game, hardcore drinking by the staff was full blown. Shots o'plenty were going around; car bombs, chants led by the ITALIAN STALLION; the mood was infectious. Customers started to hang out in the corner where the staff was and partying with them. It was good to see. By the end of the evening, everyone had fun and no one was feeling any pain.

Just ask TEACHERS PET, who was excited about puking in the street and wanted to show anyone who was willing to check it out. She had probably the most fun out of everyone and by the end of the night, you would have thought she was ready to pack it in. However, moments after this photo was taken, like the true super trooper that she is, she found her second wind and was ready to take the party uptown....

All told, it was a pretty good night, even if the Yankees lost.

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