Friday, November 4, 2005


It's Marathon Weekend in NYC, when the city gets invaded by thousands of runners in town for the New York Marathon. It's a pretty big deal as folks from all over the world and their families decend on NYC for the race and post-race parties. We are hosting our own post-race party and it is usually a pretty good time. So with that in mind, we will be in the midst of taking in plenty of deliveries today in preparation of what will be a long weekend of drinking and celebrating.

While all of that is going on, I have to make my own preparations for a wedding that I am attending on Saturday. I was invited to this wedding a long time ago and while I'd already rsvp'd, I just happen to take a look at the invite just make sure I had the date/time correct when I noticed that at the bottom of the invite it mentioned something about "Black Tie Invited"..... Black Tie? Crap. Now I had to go out and find a tux on short notice. So I spent most of late Wednesday/ early Thursday trying to arrange for a fitting for a penguin suit. Luckily, HIS BOY ELROY was able to hook me up with a place to go and I got it covered. I have to go pick up the penguin suit today and make sure it fits and all that crap. Not a big fan of the penguin suit.

Last night was pretty uneventful in that the strip was pretty quiet. Nothing major to report, although the DANCING DOUGHBOY lost his car somehow. He had been at a concert with a group of friends and stopped by afterwards. After bouncing from bar to bar, he finally leaves with his entourage. He was last seen driving off with a couple of friends. Next thing you know, there's a tap at the door at closing time and there's the DANCING DOUGHBOY, asking if we'd seen any of his friends. I asked him where he'd been and he couldn't give me a clear answer. He did say that he couldn't find his car. Not good.

Getting back to the Marathon for a minute; we are hosting a party for disabled vets of the Iraq War who plan on running in the race on Sunday. They are sponsored by the Achilles Track Club, an organization that supports runners with disabilities. I welcome anyone who's in the neighborhood to stop by to support this noble cause. We will have a $30 open bar from 8-11pm; We will also collect donations for the organization at the door. There will also be a special Coors Light promotion from 7-10pm with $3 Coors Light bottles and giveaways tonite, so there's something for everyone.

Sorry for cutting it short today; I have an appointment with my master tailor at the tuxedo shop and he doesn't like to be kept waiting. Damn I hate penguin suits!



Le Synge Bleu said...

please post a precious penguin (suit) pic!

Anonymous said...

please....no more pop up ads.