Saturday, Novermber 12, 2005


That was all I could say when I looked at my $262 million dollar Mega Millions ticket and realized that I had gotten 4 out of 5 numbers correctly. You'd think that being so close to winning it all would payoff with a pretty handsome reward in and of itself; however, thanks to the Mega gods, hitting 4 out of 5 numbers (without the Mega Ball) nets you only $150.00. Now had the Mega gods been kind to me and given me the Mega Ball along with my 4 numbers, i'd be sitting pretty with at least 10 grand. MutherF***er....

Last night was a pretty good night for the bar and for the strip itself. After a pretty mellow week, the Avenue rebounded with a solid steady night. While the night in itself was pretty good, the typical crowd for the evening was...ahem, eclectic, at best. To give an actual description of the type of people we had on Friday would be difficult at best. It ranged from the typical Jewish-American Princess, wearing the latest in Pookie and Sebastian garb, to your typical Upper East Side Frat Boy, to the occasional tourist from Georgia or South Carolina, equipped with their southern charm and wit. A couple of highlights:

Early in the evening there was a commotion outside of the bar. A lady was yelling at the top of her voice at her male companion while planting herself across the hood of his car. She kept yelling "OPEN THE FUCKIN' DOOR! OPEN THE FUCKIN' DOOR NOW!" While she's yelling at him, she's grinding her stilletto heels into the hood of his car, scratching it up in the process. When the male companion wouldn't open the window, she began to pound on his windshield and hood. At one point she walked onto the roof of his car and tried to jump up and down. This went on for a few minutes while a small crowd gathered to see what was up. She eventually got one hand inside the driver's side window and when she tried to lunge at his face, he simply clicked the power window button and her arm got locked in the window. This of course, caused her to scream even louder. While all of this is going on, our dependable police force sat idly by, just taking it all in.

The antics went on for about 20 minutes or so, until the male companion finally allowed her to get into the car. As soon as she got in, they got into a rather heated arguement and within fifteen minutes, they drove off as if nothing happened. All of the onlookers just looked at each other and shook their heads. You can't make this stuff up.

FDNY CALENDER BOY found himself with attracting a few groupies over the course of the night. It's pretty funny how they try to vie for his attention; from unbuttoning the top button on their blouse, to staring at him while he mixed drinks. I even saw one girl order a drink from him, pour it on the floor while he wasn't looking, and then order another drink, just to make eye contact with him. To his credit, he doesn't let it go to his head and he handles the ladies' advances well.

The night itself went pretty smoothly as the staff did a very good job in keeping things flowing smoothly. Hats off to MEAN GENE, BLONDE CHATTERBOX, FDNY CALENDAR BOY and SULLY T on a job well done.

I'm going to bed now. I'll update more later.



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