LET IT SNOW (again) LET SNOW (again) LET IT SNOW...

The Winter of 2010-11 continues to leave its mark on New York with yet another blast of snow.  Originally scheduled for Wednesday, it seems that Mama Nature decided to tease us a bit with a preliminary sprinkling of golf ball sized fluffy flakes.  Sure the snow looks pretty enough but it also serves as a reminder that she's (Winter) here for the long haul.  Bitch.

Now I know most of you are probably fed up with what Mama Nature has thrown our way thus far, between the snowstorms, the monsoon rains and the brutally cold temps (last night I even found myself cursing at her);  But when you think you've had it pretty bad, it could always be worse.  Just ask the person who owns this car:

Read the story behind this unusual predicament HERE.

MATT LONG BOOK SIGNING THIS THURSDAY! After numerous requests from many of you for us to host a book signing event for Matt Long, the time has finally come!

Matt Long is one of NYC's Bravest. While his day job alone qualifies him for this title (he is a NYC Firefighter), Matt also overcame a truly horrific experience -- being "struck by and sucked under a 20-ton bus". While a simple recovery would have been remarkable, Matt then went on to run the NYC Marathon and complete the Ironman Lake Placid. His book, "The Long Run" chronicles the events leading up to the accident, the long road to recovery and the self-discoveries made along the journey.

Matt will be signing copies of his new book, "The Long Run"  at Third and Long this Thursday night (6pm). The book signing also doubles as a charity fundraiser happy hour.  Click on the link for details, and hope to see you there!

BIZARRE MOMENT OF THE NIGHT.  As you know by now, last night was probably one of the coldest nights in recent memory.  If you were out and about and enjoying your night, god bless you.  That being said, I was laying in bed tucked under several layers of blankets and just about to fall into R.E.M. sleep until I was awakened by the sounds.... of singing!  Not just casual singing, mind you.  But the sounds of a barbershop quartet!  WTF? 

Several months ago we used to have these guys who would meet up at Jackson Hole (burger joint next door) for dinner ever Monday night.  Afterwards, they would come outside and start singing barbershop quartet tunes at 1-2am!  I shit you not.  Some nights it was tolerable, other nights, downright annoying.  This went on for weeks and then just like that- it stopped.  They guys suddenly stopped coming around.  It was like my prayers had been answered.

And then last night, they came back.  That was bad enough.  But the fact that they were outside in such brutally cold temperatures, belting out show tunes.... bizarre.  Simply bizarre.

On that note, I'm outta here.  Don't forget about DOLLAR DRAFT MADNESS tonight and catch the Big East Doubleheader (Syracuse vs Seton Hall, UCONN vs Marquette), NHL hockey (NY Rangers vs Florida, NY Islanders vs Pittsburgh, Montreal vs Philadelphia) and dollar mugs!

That's a wrap.

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Anonymous said...

That's how one of the Christmas cards I received in the mail ended, "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow." Mind you this was two minutes before I actually had to go outside to shovel. That card found the garbage can at record pace.

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