It looks like we're right on track with our weekly dumping of snow from Mama Nature.  Like clockwork, she's come up with some more foul weather to make our lives miserable.  This week's snowstorm (#5 if you're keeping count) has been dubbed "SNOPRAHWINFRY", due to all of the blustery wind she's been blowing around, much like the famous talk-show host...

And yes, more snow....

In spite of the most recent dumping of the white stuff, we still had a pretty respectable turnout for our weekly Pub Trivia gathering.

 A lively spirited crowd hung out for the festivities in spite of the inclement weather and had a pretty good time.  Not a bad night considering the crappy weather!

TONIGHT: BOOK SIGNING EVENT! Matt Long will be on hand tonight for a book-signing/charity event, highlighting his recently published book, "THE LONG RUN".  Event starts around 6pm.  If you are one of the many individuals who read the book and now want to meet the man behind this great story, this is your opportunity to do so!  A limited number of copies will be on sale at the bar so get there early to snap up your own personal copy!  More details on the event HERE

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