I spent most of Valentine's Day placing orders for the week, fielding calls from our friendly neighborhood vendors and getting ready for our Anti-Valentine's Day Bash.  Throughout the day I could see plenty of guys rushing around the neighborhood with bouquet of flowers, Hallmark cards and boxes and candy and I couldn't help but to shake my head.  Commercialism at its best I tell ya. What can I say?  Love (or the pursuit of it) makes us do crazy things.

A couple of funny highlights, all in the name of "love":

A young lady was standing on the corner near the bar, looking rather annoyed.  A moment later, a guy shows up with a bouquet of flowers, looking like he had rushed over from somewhere.  She takes the flowers from him and WACKS him on the chest with them, startling him and everyone around him (myself included).  She then proceeds to berate him for about five minutes, then stormed off, leaving him looking dumb-founded.  Priceless.

During the evening rush, MR. LOW-KEY walks into the bar with his customary stack of newspapers.  After getting comfortable at the bar, he pulls out the Valentine's Day section of the New York Post and points at one of the ads.  What I read might have been one of the best ads I've ever read in quite a long time:

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

The bar picked up after work with folks, many of them singles, there to enjoy some cocktails and give the collective "F*** You" to Valentine's Day. 

Between the dollar mugs, Fireball Whisky shots and numerous hook-ups, it turned out to be a late night at Third and Long.  Not a bad way to start the week!

On another note, I'm glad to see that pitchers and catchers are reporting to Spring Training this week, which means baseball season will soon be upon us.  Another sign that Spring is near!

TONIGHT: DOLLAR DRAFT MADNESS returns ($1 mugs, Bud/Bud Light) with a full slate of college/pro basketball and NHL action on ice!  


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