AND........WE'RE BACK!

So, we were scheduled to have a band play for you guys last night.  Things were pretty much all set to go for what would have been a good show when the unthinkable happened:  The power blew.  And when I say the power blew, it BLEW.  Everything on the main level of the bar went dark- even the outside lights.  What started out as a night for live music, turned into a "Blackout Party" in an instant. 

As the patrons in the bar sat around amused and confused as to what happened, the staff and myself worked feverishly to figure out what the source of the problem was.  After about an hour of trying to figure out what happened, we had no choice but to shut the place down for the night.  

 Thankfully we were able to get an electrician in this morning to fix what turned out to be a bigger problem and after a couple of hours, we're officially back up and running!  And not a moment too soon as I just got hit with a large contingent of NYU Optometry students, looking to blow off steam after a major exam!

So on that note,  I'm off like Suzy's Prom Dress!


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