We are less than 24 hours away from the official kickoff of the Madness of March! Today has been a day filled with activities related to the upcoming holiday and the expected chaos that comes with it.  On that front, I think we're about as ready as one could be for St. Patrick's Day.  Beer orders are filled, bottles of cheer stocked, hoop schedules set; all we need to do is wait for the doors to open and away we go!

Speaking of which, we're scheduled to open at 10am, just in time for you to get your pre-game on before the kickoff of the Parade on 5th Avenue.  We'll have an "Early-Bird" special ready for you and of course, great Irish-themed music to set the mood for the day. 

As always, while we encourage you to have a great time on St. Patrick's Day, we also want you to be a responsible party person.   Remember that it's a long day so the mantra for St. Patrick's Day is a simple one:  "Slow and steady wins the race".  Trust me, you'll appreciate it more come Friday.

Cheers and enjoy the day!

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