There is always something about Dollar Mug nights that brings out the most interesting patrons.  Maybe it's the price point that screams out "C'mon in! We don't care if you're strange or cheap!".  I don't know.  But I can tell you that if you are into people watching, you can be sure that you will probably be thoroughly entertained on any particular night that Dollar Mugs are being served.

Speaking of cheap, I am always amazed at how frugal some folks are.  For example, on more than one occasion last night, I watched patrons try to haggle over the price of a dollar mug of beer. They stare at the mugs. Then they look at the taps and their eyes open wide when they think about what they have to choose from.  Then they almost always discuss amongst themselves as if they are trying to solve the mystery of Loch Ness.  It's a drawn out affair that's familiar with every bartender that works one of these nights. Quite amusing at times, annoying at other times.

"Can I get two for a dollar?" (No
"Can you fill that up to the top?" (It's filled to the top)
"How many ounces in that mug?" (9oz)  "That's all??" (Dude, you're paying a BUCK! What more do you want from me?  A bottle of beer is 12oz and that's $5-6 bucks! Do the math.)
"Here's a five.  Can I get four back?"  (Thanks for the NO tip.)

In Facebook speak, SMH.....

Can baseball season PLEASE start already?  With all due respect, the NCAA Women's Basketball tournament isn't quite doing it for me.  Unlike the Men's Tournament where you have all of these crazy upsets, the Women's Tournament consist of the same five or six teams at the end, year in, year out.  Quite frankly, it's a little boring to see UCONN vs the next runner's up, each year.  I'm just saying.

Ok, I'm going to stop here before I find myself in full blown rant mode.  I mean, it's only Tuesday.  Oh and batten down the hatches, folks.  The President is in town.  Get ready for Gridlock Hell.



TwoAtaTime said...

I feel like you're going after a certain crowd by having $1 Mug night, so it seems hypocritcal on your part to complain about that crowd's social sophistication.

At least you're not complaining that they're getting drunk and doing dumb things. A 9oz mug filled up 8oz worth, times $5 (no tip) is still 40oz.

Ozzie Conseco said...

Rocking hot dogs on opening day?

swandad said...

If you note the title of the post, it's simply an observation.

And if you know the neighborhood in which the bar's located, you'll know that the the sophistication level of the crowd has no bearing on how "tight-fisted" some of the patrons can be when it comes to the change purse.

Again, I see what I see. Simply an observation.

Bronx Zoo Cobra said...

Sooooo...that's a no on the hot dogs?

Anonymous said...

9 oz mugs... So, if I go through 180 ounces of beer a night, that would be 20 mugs, at $1 a piece roughly $20. However, you still have the tip thing there. $5 total tip on top of the $20? $1 every two beers, $10 total tip? What should the standard be?

B to the...

spiro greekcapt said...

I totally agree on your women's ncaa tourney comment. Here is the biggest beef I have with this event, it's bad enough that you have about 6 teams who totally dominate the game, but all the one seeds play the first two rounds on their home campus. Really? Like Uconn who's lost once in forever needs more of an advantage,that's like pitching underhand to arod.

swandad said...

B to the B-

usually a buck or two a round, depending on what you're getting, what goes into creating your drink, etc. is the standard norm(though with dollar mugs, you're dealing more with handling volume of mugs more than anything); As long as you're tipping SOMETHING.

The biggest gripe is that quite often the wannabe hip "cool cats/hipsters" don't tip ANYTHING at all and then get all huffy when you don't "hook them up" with a buyback or extras.

Again, just an observation.

The Donald said...

The wannabe cool hipsters are all waiters, aren't they. Normally those people are into tipping and getting righteous about me not tipping..."because they are in the know..."

Sooooo...It's bring your own hot dog for opening day?