Saturday night was the much anticipated Game 5 between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens. In anticipation of the big game, the bar hosted a NYC HabsTweetup, a gathering of Habs fans who also follow the team on Twitter. With the holiday weekend in full swing and the last minute invite sent out to the masses both on Twitter and through the usual channels (this blog, Facebook, etc.), I wasn't quite sure what kind of turnout we'd get for the game.

But of course, I shouldn't have had anything to worry about as the Habs fans came through in droves for the game.  We had Canadian expats in tow for as well as visitors from Montreal in for the game and they weren't disappointed as we were treated to another hard-fought  thrilling game.

Twitter follower @carlpoulin (second from r) visiting from Montreal with his university classmates!

During the first intermission, some of the Habs faithful took part in the All Habs Tweetup Trivia Challenge, which tested their sports knowledge on subjects related to both Canadian and U.S. sports...

 @dabotchabot and pals pondering over trivia questions!

Some of our local Canadian expats enjoying the trivia challenge and taking in the scene!

@carlpoulin and his pals in a "brainstorming session" during the first intermission...

With a $25 bar tab up for grabs, the fans found the trivia questions to be tougher than expected. The big winner of the bar tab was @jlaniel , another visitor from Montreal (shown here with @karlfrance), who was delighted with the windfall!

The bar and the HabsTweetup kept me busy throughout the game but I still made it a point to keep tabs on the game, which was another roller-coaster ride for me as well as everyone else in attendance.

Yours truly (@swandad) trying to put on BETTY BOOP's Habs sweatshirt.  It didn't make it past my shoulders, unfortunately...

Goal scoring celebration!

Happy moments before that dreaded OT clinching goal by Boston...

It was a busy night for me but worth the effort as everyone seemed to have a good time, in spite of our heart-breaking loss to the Bruins.  Looking forward to a big win in Game 6 on Tuesday, with a lot of questions that need to be answered.  Will the top line finally show up after disappearing the past few games? Will the aging defense be able to pull it together to stem the tide? Can Carey Price pull out another gem of a game? Tuesday night's game is literally going to be a "Go big or go home" game. Will they get it done?  Catch the game on Tuesday and cross your fingers!

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who attended the Tweetup! Good times had by all (despite the loss)!  #GoHabsGo!


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