After two months to the day the NHL playoffs started, we came down to a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks. The series was a see-saw affair that saw the home teams hold serve throughout.  So when it came time for the puck to drop for the final game, many people thought that the Canucks would pull out a victory as the trend of the series dictated. 

However, the Boston Bruins came into Game 7 with momentum on their sides and to be honest, more fire in the belly and that was all they needed as they dominated the game from start to finish, much to the dismay of Canuck fans in the house.  Bruin fans let it be known that it was their night and when it became apparent that the Stanley Cup was coming to Beantown, the celebrations began....

As the Bruin players celebrated on the ice, Bruin fans rejoiced and celebrated on their own in the bar, singing along to Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" and hugging and crying.  As a Habs fan and as much as I despise the Boston Bruins for knocking my team out of the playoffs, I had to tip my cap off to them.  They didn't always do it pretty, but they got the job done. Congrats to the Bruins and their fans!

As for Vancouver... another sad ending to a great Cup run.  You had nothing to be ashamed of, best record in the NHL, phenomenal playoffs, just came one game short.  As for the riots in the streets of Vancouver after the game?  Was that really necessary, Canuck fans?   Why torch and loot your own town?  And for what- a game?  Following the chaos on Twitter, a number of Canadian hockey fans kept tweeting that it wasn't real hockey fans doing the rioting but a few crazy folks.  Well that may be the case, but there were more than quite a few Canuck jerseys roaming the streets of Vancouver like lunatics.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.... I'm just sayin'. 

Stay classy Vancouver.

Now that the winter sports season is now over, we can FINALLY turn our minds completely over to baseball.  And not a moment too soon as we begin another round of Interleague play.  The NYY Yankees are in second place, the NY Mets are back at .500 and we kick off the U.S. Open today!  Bring on the Summer!

As for me, I can finally look forward to writing more pertinent blog posts.  With all of the chaos that's been in my life of late, the blog has taken a bit of a hit, quality wise.  I've noticed it and so have you.  So now that things are starting to settle down a bit, you can look forward to more of the fun posts that I've always enjoyed bringing to you.  Thanks for your patience and continued support. 

TONIGHT: Pub Trivia fun (8pm)!  Rescheduled from last night due to the Stanley Cup, join us as we stimulate your brain cells with pop trivia fun!  As always, it's FREE to play, and there's great prizes up for grabs!  $20 Full Sail Session Ale Buckets all night long!


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