Thank God It's Friday.  Summer Fridays always have a certain appeal for me.  Everyone's done with the work week and they are more relaxed than usual thanks to the business casual attire afforded to them.  That usually mean that folks are willing to let their hair down much earlier than usual which often brings interesting results.  Whether it be for a quick "pop" before boarding the Jitney for the trek to the Hamptons, or starting early for a night of debauchery "in the City", it's always interesting to see what eccentrics you're going to get on an early Friday night.

I wonder what we'll get tonight?  Stay tuned.  Speaking of which, buckets of LABATT BLUE LIME up for grabs after work, 5/$20.00 and $5 Flavored Vodka drinks (5-9pm)!  Not a bad way to start off the weekend!

GRATUITOUS PHOTO of the NIGHT:  Staff members MEG and VOTE for PEDRO getting into the holiday spirit during our "CHRISTMAS in JULY WEEK" promo.  Tonight's the last night to enjoy some of the holiday cocktails we created just for the week.  Make sure to sample some of the delicious drinks available!

I'm in the process of putting together our Fantasy Football League and the thought of that alone has me excited for the upcoming season at Third and Long.  I've gotten numerous emails already for fantasy football draft parties, from DOLFANS NYC and BREW CREW regulars and tourists from Europe and Japan inquiring about specific games and specials.  That's a great sign.  They are as excited as I am for the upcoming season.  I think we're going to have a great time this year and can't wait for it all to kickoff, starting with NFL Opening Night on September 8th!

Ok, gotta run.  Happy T.G.I.F!

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