Tonight all eyes turn to Yankee Stadium as "The Captain", Derek Jeter lumbers his way towards the magic 3,000 hit mark.  As of today, he's only 3 hits away from the magic number.  And with a four-game-homestand vs Tampa Bay before the All-Star break, chances are pretty good that he should eclipse that number.

If/when he does break that magic number, what kind of ceremony will the NY Yankees do for him?  What kind of "token of appreciation" will he receive?  Quite frankly, I'm more interested in that than him actually achieving the feat itself.  Call me cheezy.  Yankee fans, tell me what you think will happen when he finally breaks the mark.  You surely know better than me.

Great times at Pub Trivia last night, and a lot of funny team names.  More creative than usual, that's for sure! We continue to see new faces and it was also great to see the return of some of our original Trivia buffs.

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BEST NEWS OF THE DAY: Our AC unit got its mid-summer tune up today.  And not a moment too soon! All I know that with the weather being so hot and sticky the last couple of days, it better be nipple-popping cold in the bar!  (Oof! Did I just say that?)

TONIGHT:  Check out Derek Jeter in his quest for 3,000 hits tonight vs Tampa Bay (7pm) during our "After-Work Happy Hour", featuring $4 domestic drafts/well drinks/sangria (5-10pm)!

Stay cool folks!


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