Last night turned out to be a busy, fun night thanks to our resident guest bartenders, COURTNEY SMELTER and TIFFANY VOLL.  The two lovely young ladies usually make an appearance behind the bar once or twice a year and with each visit they bring "it", no holds barred.  And last night was no exception.  Everyone had a great time and with the great weather we had, and with MIKE JR. providing the anchor and support behind the sticks,  it made for a perfect night to party.

"KARMA MOMENT OF THE NIGHT": One of the guests of the night was being really rude and snippy with the bartender for most of the evening.  First she bitched about our credit card minimum.  Then she voiced her displeasure at the fact that the bartender didn't give back her credit card right away (the bartender was waiting for her to finish signing her tab).  Then after raising a stink about that, she did the annoying "name dropping " thing (I know this person, I know that person, you can't treat me this way), while complaining about our policies that "were never in place before (meanwhile they have been in place for years and on top of that, the bartender is related to the owner of the bar.  D'uh.).  And after all of that, was very "chintzy" on the tip (surprise, surprise).

At the end of the night, we came across a Blackberry phone that was left behind.  Guess who it belonged to?   Guess who came back looking for it?   Guess who was made to apologize to the bartender for being so rude?

Yes folks, you gotta love Karma.

Earlier in the day we got a visit from one of our former employees and dear friend of mine, MASTER THESPIAN!  He was in town for a brief visit and stopped by the bar for a few while waiting for his brother to get out of a meeting.  We got to catch up for a bit, even got to watch one of his TV pilots while waiting on his brother.  He looks great and it was good to play catch up with him.  I miss having him around and I'm happy to hear that he's doing great things in L.A.!

How many people do you know that have deodorant named after them?

Mr. Low-Key, The Swanfather and Master Thespian

As we ramble towards the end of summer, you can count on us to provide you with coverage of NFL Pre-Season football and MLB action.  It's also the start of the English Premier League season so swing by Saturday/Sunday mornings for great soccer action from teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City!  And Sunday night we'll be airing UFC Live: HARDY vs LYTLE (9pm)! No cover!

Meanwhile, join us tonight for Labatt Lime buckets (5/$20) and $5 Flavored Vodka drinks (5-9pm)!


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