Well, even the best-laid plans can go to shit when you least expect it.

As DolfansNYC fans were gathering for their home opener vs New England, the unthinkable happens.  We lose the feed to the TV's.  I shit you not.  We suddenly lose the feed to the game.  Yes, about 30 minutes before kickoff the feeds to all of the TV's suddenly disappears.  Again I shit you not.   I'm not sure if it was a Pats fan who cut a cable or Murphy's Law looking to flex its might, but it was the worst case scenario come true.  If you could see my reaction when all of this was going down, I'm sure it was priceless.  I could literally feel the blood drain out of my body as we tried in vain to figure out the problem.

By the time the problem was addressed and fixed, it was two minutes before halftime and only a handful of diehards were left, watching the game on their Ipads and Iphones.  It was truly a surreal sight.

When you thought, however, that the night was totally lost, a surprising thing happened: When the DolfansNYC regulars heard that the feeds had returned, instead of staying at the bar they were at, most of them chose to return to Third and Long to finish watching the game there.  Now I didn't expect them to leave where they were once the game started, but the fact that they did was a classy gesture on their part.

So while we were able to salvage what could have a total clusterf*** of a night, I only wished the 'Fans could have gone home with a victory.  But it wasn't meant to be so just like I told the patrons last night, the Dolphins will regroup for next week, and so shall we.

To those in attendance last night, thanks again for your patience and we'll be back next week, ready to go.



MurphGuide.com said...

The classy gesture by your DolpfansNYC regulars was surely payback for the class exhibited by you and the staff at Third & Long.

p.s. Don't blame everything on Murphy! ;)

Anonymous said...

If only the Dolfans got a win? What? I was laying 7 on New England and didn't have too much to worry about covering the spread.

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