Wow.  It feels like it was only last week when we were toasting the start of Memorial Day Weekend.  There was notions of great places to visit and fun things to do this summer and just like that, POOF!  We've arrived at Labor Day Weekend and the end of summer.  The whole season was a blur- I'm sure a lot of things took place but to honest, I can't really remember anything that stood out, aside from the weather-related instances.  Figure it would be Mother Nature who would leave a mark on my summer more than anything else.


Well, as we roll into the last "unofficial" weekend of the Summer, the exodus out of the city has already begun and while most of you will be out and about, getting that last bit of fun in, yours truly will be staying local, getting things ready for the upcoming fall sports season.  We have a couple of surprises in the works that I'm pretty sure will please our regulars so look out for it over the next week or so.

LAST NIGHT was a pretty busy night at the bar; It started out with a fundraiser for a lovely young lady who's planning on running a marathon for charity and it ended up with the invasion of Frat Boy Central with a lovable loser who CLEARLY found himself , let's just say, down on his luck.....

We saw this guy stumble out of a cab late last night and wander aimlessly up and down 3rd Avenue.  When he realized that he couldn't get into any of the bars, he decided to sit down and weigh his options....

 Poor chap.  Lesson to be learned: Slow and steady always wins the race.

So in the meantime, enjoy the Labor Day Holiday and if you're around the city, swing by and join us for a few. Our hours for the holiday weekend are:

FRI & SAT: Regular Business hours.
MON: Open 4pm

We carry the NFL SUNDAY TICKET, BIG TEN NETWORK & ESPN GAME PLAN (along with the MLB EXTRA INNINGS package) for all of your sports needs!  You can also catch CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, EURO 2012 qualifiers and ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE action at Third and Long!

Enjoy your weekend!

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