It's Wednesday night and of course when you're looking at the blog, that means one thing: The obligatory reminder of our weekly TEAM TRIVIA NIGHT!

The past few weeks we have been running qualifying rounds for our upcoming Tournament of Champions Final, which is scheduled for mid November.  A total of about 8 teams will qualify for the Final and we have a lot a great prizes in store for the winning team.  So if you're a math major out there, you'll notice that we're on the last week of October, which gives you only two-three more opportunities to qualify for the Final.  There are some formidable teams that have already qualified for the Final; A few of the regulars that usually show up each week and a few newbie teams as well.

That being said, if you have a group of friends or office mates who profess to be knowledgeable in all types of useless (or useful) bits of facts, this is the night for you.  Our Trivia Night format is slightly unconventional but just as fun.  It's free to play and there's a weekly prize of a $45 bar tab for the weekly winner, plus additional prizes for 2nd and 3rd place teams.  We also have a special prize for the most creative team name, so we strongly encourage witty names.

So join us tonight for a great night of Team Trivia fun!  Besides, do you really give a rat's ass about the "X-Factor"?

$4 Well Drinks (for ladies) & $20 Hometown NY Lager & Hometown Light buckets (all night)!

And for those of you who aren't interested in playing, there's the World Series, Game 6 tonight (8pm) as well as three NHL games on tap (via NHL Center Ice): Montreal vs Philadelphia (7:30p), Colorado vs Calgary, Vancouver vs St. Louis (10pm).

AND FINALLY: We have a new beer in our ever-changing rotation. BLANCHE de BRUXELLES, a world renowned Witbier from Belgium has made it's inaugural appearance at Third and Long.  This beer is famous, not only for it's great taste, but also for it's unique logo/handle:

It's patterned after the famous Belgian statue of a boy peeing in a fountain.  Great tap handle and great tasting Wit beer.  Give it a try next time you're in.


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