Hi folks!  I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday was an enjoyable one!  Things around here were pretty relaxed as the vast majority of our regulars and neighborhood types were away for the long weekend.  So that being said, there's not much to tell.  Foot traffic was light throughout the weekend, with tourists and a sprinkling of bridge and tunnel types making up what business we had.

That being said, we did have a few highlights:

-I got a visit from a few of my former co-workers from the Neptune Beach Club- James (Jimmy Pena) and Thomas Fahey.  I worked there from 1992-2001, back when Neptune's was fun and vibrant and not so clubby-techno heavy as it is now.  And back then, it was guys like Jimmy and Thomas that made life in the Hamptons great.  They were coming from the Rangers/Flyers game and popped in for a quick one. I hadn't seen these guys in YEARS, yet it's always great when you can pick up right where you left off so long ago.  Good stuff.

-We also got a visit from Tim Bervaldi and some of the crew from McLean's Pub in Montreal.  I had the pleasure of meeting him during my trip there and found him to be a great guy and the only bartender I know who wears a kilt behind the bar!  I wonder how our guys would feel about wearing a kilt behind the bar here- I'm sure the ladies wouldn't mind!

In any case, they came down for a fun weekend and decided to catch the Canadiens/Penguins game at our bar.  We introduced them to our favorite delicacy, FIREBALL WHISKY and they loved it!  If you ever make your way to the great city of Montreal, make sure you stop by McLean's Pub and say hello to Tim, Stuart or Jay! They are great guys, their staff is great and you'll be assured of a fun time while you're there!

Sunday was a classic edition of BREW CREW SUNDAY when because of the holiday weekend, the Brew Crew members literally had the run of the place. Every game was aired on all of the TV's and everyone had a seat for themselves, with no worries of bumping into someone else.  Very casual and drama-free atmosphere, which is always welcomed.

Ah... good times.

TONIGHT: Giants vs Saints Viewing Party!  Start out the game with our Pregame specials ($2 domestic draft mugs, 2-for-1 Wine by the Glass), then catch the big game (w/audio) on our 12 flat screen HDTV's!



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