DOLLAR DRAFT MADNESS... The Thanksgiving Edition

With the exodus for the Thanksgiving holiday looming, Dollar Draft Madness was buzzing with groups of co-workers looking to enjoy themselves with their colleagues before taking off for the long break.

A couple of notable incidents from last night:  Incident #1 involved a young man who became irate because he had a little too much to drink and got cut off.  Instead of taking his denial of another beer as an acknowledgement that it was time to go home, he decides to take out his frustrations on the staff, yelling obscenities and proclaiming "White Power!  "White Power!" as he was being "escorted" out the door.   Let's just say even his friends were embarrassed by his actions and walked away from him.  It never fails- you always find that one guy who thinks that by pulling the race card, that's going to all of a sudden allow you to do what you want.  All it does is allow everyone around you to see how ignorant you really are.  Classy move, pal.

Incident #2 involved four young college jerks who came in for Dollar Drafts.  After taking a seat in the back of the bar, one of the guys go up to the bar and orders a round of 8 mugs of beers.  He paid the bartender with a $10 bill, gathers up the beers and leaves with the beer, leaving the bartender with the change ($2).  So the bartender takes the $2 tip and puts it in her bucket.  A few minutes later, the same guy comes up to her and asks for his $2 tip back, promising to tip her at the end of the night.   Seriously?

Now you know how I feel about tipping, especially on busy nights like Dollar Draft night.  It's one thing if you order a round and don't leave a tip.  While as a server it may eat at you that you didn't get a tip for your service,  at least you know what you're dealing with.  But to have someone leave you a tip, then ask for it back... That goes beyond tacky.

Of course, you know what happens, right?  The group of jerks order a couple more rounds then pull the  "Irish Exit" by trying to sneak out of the bar without the bartenders seeing them.  As they walked by the window outside of the bar, I yelled out to them "Thanks for the tip!", at which they began running down 3rd Avenue.  Jerks.

On a brighter note, we got a surprise visit from the marketing crew from FIREBALL WHISKY.

After months of reading and hearing about our love for FIREBALL WHISKY, the team decided to swing by and see for themselves what we were about. Unfortunately for them, by the time they made it to our bar, many of our patrons had left for the night. But that didn't stop them from spreading some FIREBALL WHISKY love to those who were still standing...

While all of this was going on, we also had JOHN CUSACK and his crew at the bar celebrating his birthday, so of course that led to a pretty late night filled with good times and solid gold hits on the jukebox. Not a bad way to start the Thanksgiving break!


TONIGHT: The night before Thanksgiving is always a fun time in the city!  We're doing our part by offering up $3 Michelob Light bottles, $4 Domestic Drafts/Well Drinks & $5 FIREBALL WHISKY shots!  NHL Hockey & NCAA Holiday Tournament hoops dominate the TV's so if you're in Manhattan, make sure to join us for a great Pre-Thanksgiving Kick-Off!

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