It's 3:45pm on Monday and I'm still trying to catch my breath after the hectic weekend we had at the bar.

Between NYC Marathon-related activities,  a great Rangers/Habs viewing party,  an awesome afternoon of Brew Crew Sunday football where the Giants, Jets and yes... even the Dolphins won,  and finally, the post-NYC Marathon party, it was a weekend for the ages.

I wish I could share the various stories that unfolded over the course of the weekend, but there were simply too much to remember.  Here's hoping some photos of the weekend will help jog my memory....

Visitors from Montreal in town for the HABS vs RANGERS game at MSG

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE introducing his daughter, LAYLA to Third and Long.

Meet MR. LOW-KEY's boys, Danny & Henry!

THE DON's mustache is starting to take shape!  Remember to donate to his MOVEMBER efforts!

THE RUNNING MAN completes yet another Marathon run....

Post-Marathon festivities....

AMY SMART made her presence felt at the festivities..... 

"Pants Off, Dance Off" at the bar! 

Overall, good times at 3 and L all weekend long!  Met a lot of great people from all over and best of all, it was a problem-free weekend, which is always a good thing!

MOVEMBER UPDATE:  If you haven't heard yet, THE DON, James Long has decided to support the cause of Prostate Cancer Awareness by growing a mustache for the month of November.  I've done it in years past and it's a great fundraising effort for a great cause.  This year's edition of MOVEMBER has really taken on a life of its own as many more people are getting involved, especially pro athletes and celebrities.  

Not to be outdone, THE IRON MAN, Matt Long has decided to join the cause by challenging his brother to see who can grow the most facial hair and raise the most money during the month of November.  This does indeed raise the stakes for bragging rights in the Long family household, however, the biggest winner in this "friendly" competition will be the MOVEMBER,  Foundation!  Check out their page and don't forget to make a donation!  Every little bit counts!

That's it.  I'm out.  Time for some MNF (Chicago vs Philadelphia)!  If you're in the 'hood, join me!


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