If you are a fan of Lagunitas Brewery and their "eclectic" stable of beers led by the iconic LAGUNITAS IPA, then you'll no doubt want to join us tonight as we "officially" unveil their holiday offering: LAGUNITAS SUCKS HOLIDAY ALE:

The fact that we have this on tap is kind of a big deal because the Holiday Ale is such short supply that from my understanding, there were only 50 kegs available in the WHOLE city!  And we got 2 of them.  If you love the Lagunitas IPA, then you'll definitely love the Holiday Ale.  It's a bit different than the IPA, with distinct fruity notes and a 7.8 % ABV, but still really good just the same.

So stop by tonight and meet the Lagunitas rep who will be on hand to share some samples and talk more about the Holiday Ale, which has a fascinating story behind its creation.  Then stick around for our weekly Team Pub Trivia night, with a $45 bar tab up for grabs for the winning team!  As always, it's free to play!

Lagunitas tasting begins at 6pm, followed by Pub Trivia at 8pm!

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Anonymous said...

7.8%, lovely. So, if I drink 20 beers on an average night, I could only hang with 7-8 of those Laguitas Holiday Ales? Wow.

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