After basking in the glow of the past weekend's games, I sat down to write today's blog post only to see what I'd written on 1/20 and I couldn't help but to smile (see blog post HERE).  My predictions had actually come true for once!

It was a fun weekend overall, with a lot of interesting and comical things taking place throughout.  On Friday, for example, there was the lovely young sales girl from the DENIM HABIT clothing store across the street who decided to put on an impromptu dance recital in the window of the shop.  She literally sat in the window of the shop and did the robot dance for almost an hour, much to the chagrin of folks walking by and the patrons watching from across the street...

Pretty funny.

Later in the evening we had a situation that could easily be filed under "bizarre".  There were a group of guys who had been hanging out most of the night.  One of the guys in particular was a bit annoying in that he kept talking to strangers and getting into people's "personal space" a bit too much.  So towards the end of the night, two guys came into the bar; both still wearing suits and ties- either they were coming from a wedding or a similar type of function.  In any case, they came in and made a beeline towards these two ladies who were hanging out at the bar and began chatting them up.

Sure enough, Mr. Personal Space guy had to go over and interrupt their flow.  At first, everyone seemed to get along.  However, things turned quickly when all of a sudden, one of the guys and Personal Space Guy started tussling with one another in the middle of the bar.  We immediately got in between them and tossed both of the guys out.  The one guy kept challenging the Personal Space Guy to fight and Personal Space Guy declined.  He even got Personal Space Guy to say "I am a pussy" (at least five times) for not fighting.  Pretty juvenile.  Here's where it gets strange:

Personal Space Guy then offers him a cigarette.  The other guy accepts the cigarette and within minutes, they were BFF's.  Everyone in the bar looked at them like they were nuts.  You can't make this stuff up.

Saturday was pretty low-key; I suspected that it was due in large part to the mini-snowstorm we'd received overnight and the impending big football games that were slated to take place on Sunday.

I got to the bar early to prepare for what was sure to be a long day of football.  I wasn't sure what kind of crowd we would get for the first game (New England vs Baltimore), but I knew we would for sure be busy for the Giants game.

Some of the Sunday Brew Crew regulars showed up early to claim their spot before the game began and when the early game began, we had a nice little crowd in place.

The first game between the Ravens and the Patriots started out slowly but by the time all was said and done, it turned out to be one hell of a nail biter!  The now packed bar saw a great finish and it set the tone for the main event of the evening, the Giants vs the 49ers.

And as thrilling as the first game was, the Giants/49ers game certainly lived up to its billing.  Great defensive game by both teams and timely plays by both offenses kept the crowd glued to their seats and the TV's....

Winner of our Bud Light Cooler raffle!

Watching the range of emotions on these guys during the final few minutes of the game was priceless..

The whole afternoon/evening was EPIC: Two great games, two fantastic finishes and now the whole city is in anticipation for a classic rematch between New England and New York, just as I predicted.

Stay tuned for the Super Bowl on February 5th!

TONIGHT: Join us for MONDAY NIGHT UNWIND, featuring $2 domestic draft mugs and 2-for-1 Wine by the Glass (all night)!  Games on tap include: Syracuse vs Cincinnati, Toronto vs NY Islanders,  St. Louis Blues vs Detroit Red Wings, Orlando Magic vs Boston Celtics and more Australian Open tennis (if that's your thing).

After yesterday's games, you need a night like tonight to "unwind"!

SPECIAL NOTE: PUB TRIVIA is on for TOMORROW NIGHT (8pm).  Pub Trivia Enthusiasts plan your schedule accordingly!

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