Today is the first day of March.  As of today, we're down to the last twenty days of Winter and up to this point, I have yet to touch a snow shovel.  Granted, I've used a squeegee ONCE, to wisk away some flurries, but other than that, nothing.  Now we could still have hell to pay with two weeks to go and Mother Nature could throw a monkey wrench on what was the perfect winter.  However, with everything we've dealt with over the past year, weather-wise, I'll take my chances.

In the meantime, March is a great month.  For starters, it's the end of winter and the start of Spring.  It also signifies the beginning of a great run on the sports calendar, starting with MLB's Spring Training.  Pre-season games begin this weekend and baseball fans have been drooling for months for this moment.

It's also the start of the NCAA Basketball Conference Tournaments, better known as "Championship Week", which leads to the best two weeks in sports: MARCH MADNESS.   Throw a little holiday called  St. Patrick's Day in the mix, and now,  we're off to the races.  Next thing you know, NHL & NBA Playoffs are here and soon enough,  it's time to throw open the windows and you know how it goes from there!

Let's just hope that Mother Nature doesn't surprise us with a last minute blast of Winter. Bring on the Madness of March!

Last night's PUB TRIVIA event brought out another enthusiastic crowd (13 teams) who had a great time tackling last night's theme, which was, appropriately enough, LEAP YEAR.  Competition was fierce and we even had a rare 3-team chug-off to determine the winner!

R.I.P Davy Jones..... Yesterday we got the news that lead singer of The Monkees passed away at the age of 66.  Now with all of the recent deaths of celebrities of late, this one was particularly bittersweet.  He and The Monkees were fan favorites of the bar back when we opened in 1991;  In fact, I have fond memories of the whole bar singing together in unison whenever the DJ would play "Daydream Believer".  Man those were great times and definitely in a different era.  He will be missed, but his voice will carry on forever.

TONIGHT: Don't forget to join us for our "HOCKEYMANIA"  Viewing Party (7pm)!  We're featuring 4 great NHL games: NY Rangers vs Carolina (w/audio), NY Islanders vs Philadelphia, NJ Devils vs Boston and Montreal Canadiens vs Minnesota!  $4 Canadian Beers (Labatt Blue, Labatt Blue Light, Molson Canadian & Alexander Keith's) during the games AND we're raffling off a pair of tickets for a future NY Rangers game! Get there early!


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