Excuse the lateness of this post;  between the stunningly beautiful afternoon we're having (72 degrees as I write this), and still trying to recover from the epic meltdown I witnessed last night during the NCAA play -in game between IONA and BYU, let's just say it's taken me a while to catch my mojo to write.

Let's begin with last night's bizarre game.  We have quite a few alums of IONA COLLEGE, so we decided to host a Viewing Party for the Gaels at the bar.  We even brought back dollar drafts for the event and I have to say, for something that was scheduled in such short notice, we had a terrific turnout.

The alums were excited about their team having the national spotlight and the team did not disappoint... at least for the first half.  The Gaels stormed out to a shocking 24 point lead and had the BYU team reeling, much to the delight of the alums at the bar.  It seemed as if the Gaels were playing the ultimate statement game, and for the most part, they were-  until the second half began.

I don't know what kind of inspirational speech the IONA coach gave at halftime, but whatever it was, it totally backfired.  The team that came out in the second half was NOT the same team we saw thoroughly dominate BYU in the first half.  The team looked lost and confused.  A lot of credit has to be given to BYU and its coaching staff.  A team in their situation going into the locker room could have easily mailed it in and called it a night.  But they didn't.  They made the adjustments that needed to be made and played hard and confident and it worked for them.... at IONA's expense.  As a result, BYU ended up with the biggest comeback win in NCAA Tournament history.  H-I-S-T-O-R-Y!  Much to the dismay of the shellshocked IONA crowd at the bar.  I'm still stunned by it.  

And just like that.. the Gaels' season is over.  Too bad.  They had the makings of a magical run.

More "FIRST FOUR" play in games tonight (6:30p), followed by the best three weeks in college basketball!  MARCH MADNESS officially gets underway at 12 noon tomorrow!  The windows are finally painted (thanks to BABY GIRL) and the brackets are now in place!  Make sure to check out the windows on the East 35th Street side

Don't forget, we're offering up $4 Sam Adams PINTS during all March Madness games!  

Bring your lunch and strap yourselves in;  It's going to be a bumpy ride!


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