Now that we've made it through all of the events of 20th Anniversary Week, it's great to get back to normal; to catch my breath, so to speak.  Don't get me wrong, it was great to see familiar faces from the past and to catch up on old times.  However, I gotta admit, all of that reminiscing does take a toll on your liver and it's ready for a bit of a break, if you catch my drift.

That being said, before I close the chapter on 20th Anniversary Week, I want to thank everyone who were able to make it to some (and in a few cases, ALL) of the events.  It was definitely refreshing to see the faces of people who supported the bar all of these years.  I also want to give a special thanks to the sponsors who helped make our events a success:  Anheuser Busch/Budweiser, Fireball Whisky, Radeberger, and Union Beer. Without your support and assistance, it would have been difficult to pull this off. Thanks!

So, how about these NHL Playoffs?  These first round games have been the most intense and physical games I've seen in quite a long time!  The number of hockey fans coming in to see the games are up from last year, and not just because we have the NY Rangers & NJ Devils in the playoffs.  Every series so far have produced a lot of excitement, not just for hardcore fans, but for the casual observer too.  The local teams are playing well so far, which is great to see.  Let's hope they have a long run.

As always, we'll carry EVERY NHL playoff game, every night and offer up $4 Molson Canadian, Labatt Blue & Coors Light during ALL NHL games!

Then there are the NY Knicks, who are making a playoff run of their own.  With six games left, they are in a fight with Philadelphia and Milwaukee for the last two playoff spots.  If the NY Knicks can hold on and make it to the playoffs, that's just an added bonus for NY sports fans: Devils, Rangers and Knicks in the playoffs.  Tonight, they host the Celtics, which is always a fun battle to watch.  Tip off: 8pm.

And FINALLY:  With the weather being so stellar, it just a matter of time before yours truly would encounter a celebrity sighting. This time the sighting took place on East 29th and Park Avenue. I was running errands and stopped at Bread & Butter, a deli I like to frequent, when I bumped into model and former flame of rapper KAYNE WEST, AMBER ROSE.  Now when I saw her, I suspected that it was her right away because she has such a distinct look.  However, just to be sure, I took a pic of her and googled her to see if they matched up and sure enough, it was her... in all of her glory.  Tall and stacked.  STACKED... (God I love the Spring)!

TONIGHT: CRAFT BREW TUESDAYS ($3 Select Craft Beers, ALL NIGHT LONG), plus a full slate of MLB, NBA and NHL playoff games!


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