After the game that took place at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night,  We find ourselves in a situation that many of you could call "Deja Vu".

In a game that the NY Rangers needed badly,  The NJ Devils jumped out to a unthinkable 3-0 lead, throwing both the Rangers and its fans for a loop. Devils fans found good reason to feel cocky while Ranger fans were hit with a harsh reality that their season could possibly end on Friday night.  But instead of folding like a tent and giving up entirely, the Rangers actually showed some mettle and found their long-lost offense, chipping away at the lead until they tied the game at 3-3, sending the Devils reeling and giving Ranger fans hope.  

HOWEVER, instead of taking charge and delivering the knockout punch, the Rangers allowed the Devils to stay in the game just enough to score late in the game to re-take the lead for good.  New Jersey then sealed the game with an empty-netter to deflate the crowd at Madison Square Garden, winning 5-3.

Now the NY Rangers find themselves in a "must-win" situation.  At the basic core it's quite simple.  WIN OR GO HOME.   No pressure.  Yeah right.  Unfortunately for BOTH teams, there's the dubious task of having to play Game 6 on the 18th Anniversary of "THE GAME":

If you're the NY Rangers  you face the added pressure of living up to what took place eighteen years ago.  Between the comparisons being made by the media and Ranger fans alike, and of course, the speculation as to who's going to be this year's Messier,  the NY fans are expecting nothing less than history repeating itself.  Oy, talk about having that hang around your neck like a 400-lb millstone.

On the flip side, if you are the NJ Devils, you'll have the same pressure to AVOID being that team who allowed destiny to repeat itself.  Fortunately for them, history is on its side in that most teams that win Game 5 of a seven game series on the road, usually go on to close out the series at home (Game 6).  The question is: Will the Devils be able to close it out?  If the Devils LOSE Game 6, then the odds of them closing it out on the road for Game 7 is not so good.... And then the "Deja Vu" is completed.

So.... What say you?  Will history repeat itself tonight?  I'd love to hear your predictions before the puck drops at 8pm!

And if you plan on joining us for tonight's Game 6 Viewing Party, GET HERE EARLY!  We'll have drink specials, giveaways and of course, audio for the game!  ALSO NOTE:  If there is a Game 7, we will be open and ready to roll!  


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