It's a shitty, rainy Monday, a far cry from the beautiful weather we were blessed with over the weekend.  So as I listen to the pouring rain hitting the windows like drumsticks tapping against a drum, now is as good a time to do a weekend recap.  It's been awhile since I've done one of those anyways.

FRIDAY night was pretty laid back in that there wasn't much going on.  As I mentioned before, the weather was great, however, that didn't seem to help the foot traffic along 3rd Avenue, which was odd.  It was a slow sports night, which didn't help matters either.  Mostly tourists and small packs of frat boys.  Meh.

SATURDAY was a tale of two extremes.  The afternoon was great- starting out with Game 3 of the NY Rangers/ NJ Devils series.  An enthusiastic crowd was on hand to cheer on both teams and the game itself was pretty close and intense, as the whole series has been thus far.

The Blueshirts finally broke through the deadlock in the 3rd period, scoring two quick goals to more or less seal the game as the Devils could not find a way to beat the hot Rangers goalie.  As a result the Devils end up losing the game 3-0, much to the delight of Ranger fans in the bar.

While this was going on, the Champions League Final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich kicked off, causing a bit of an overlap between the two sporting events.  Add to the mix the two local baseball games taking place at the same time and you can imagine my head spinning with everything that was going on at the moment.  And of course, there was still The Preakness Stakes yet to come.  It was that kind of day.

So the afternoon was fun, exciting and perfect.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, some more than others.  The downside to the overkill of sporting events during the day?  There was practically no sporting events on that night, sans for one late basketball game and some UFC reruns.  It would have perfect for the Rangers/Devils game but hey, I don't make the schedule.  So as a result, it was another calm night on the Avenue, sans for a few bachelorette parties, some bridge and tunnel types and the usual group of frat boys.

SUNDAY was pretty laid back as the beautiful weather kept most folks outside during the day, and understandably so.  The evening did get a bit better, with some interesting groups of people hanging out while we aired the Billboard Music Awards.  I even had a few customers get into a shouting match because a couple was having an argument during the special Whitney Houston tribute.  Yes, you can't make this stuff up.

And that's a wrap for my weekend.  Coming up: More playoff hockey and yes ladies... FLEET WEEK!


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