You may have noticed the marked increase in hockey related posts the past few weeks.  It's not because I am a diehard fan of the sport (though it would be understandable if you believed that it was);  It's because we've been blessed and thoroughly entertained by a great NHL playoff season, capped by great performances by two of the local teams, the NY Rangers and NJ Devils.  And with the NY Knicks playoff run being short (and not-so-sweet) and the NJ/Brooklyn Nets busy packing the moving trucks to the new arena, you can't help but to get sucked into the hoopla of the run to the Stanley Cup.

Now the stakes have been raised as the two local teams now face each other, with a berth to the Stanley Cup Finals up for grabs.  There's also the obvious bragging rights that comes along with it, with the not-so-subtle reminder of 1994 fresh in everyone's minds.

If last night's Game 1 proved anything, it proved that this series is going to be long and pressure packed with fans of both teams riding the roller-coaster of emotions throughout.

So, please forgive me if you find yourselves being a tad bit overloaded with hockey talk.  When you find your city on the cusp of possibly hoisting "The Cup", it's kind of a big deal.  And this is coming from a Habs fan.

The NY Rangers fired the first salvo in this particular series, winning 3-0 and taking a 1-0 lead in the best of seven series.  Game 2 takes place on Wednesday night (8pm, w/audio).  While you're here, enjoy a visit from the NHL Network promo team , who will be at Third and Long!  During that time, you'll get to raise the virtual #StanleyCup  with @NHLNetworkTour !  

And be sure to watch #NHLNetwork (ch. 468, Time-Warner HD), because it's the best line-up for NHL Playoffs coverage.  And if you follow Twitter, make sure you hash-tag #Because it's the Cup!

You want more info on the Virtual #StanleyCup?  Check out the LINK!

TONIGHT:  Catch the Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers, followed by the L.A. Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs in NBA Playoff action;  You can also check out Game 2 of the NHL Western Conference Finals (Phoenix vs Los Angeles, 9pm)!  While you're here, enjoy select craft beers like the Left Hand 400-lb Monkey, Brooklyn Summer Ale, Long Trail IPA, Harpoon Summer Ale and Goose Island Honkers Ale during "CRAFT BREW TUESDAYS"!

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