Last night's game between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics was supposed to be a nail-biting, closely-fought affair.  I mean, the Celtics were on the verge of eliminating the Heat and moving on to the NBA Finals.  History was also on their side as the Heat had a miserable record in Boston.  With that being said, you knew the Heat were going to come out fighting for their lives.  Too bad Boston didn't give them much of a fight, as the Miami Heat went on the trounce the Celtics, 98-79, to set up a Game 7 in Miami this Saturday night.

That gives us an unexpected EPIC night in sports: Yankees/Mets (7pm), Devils vs Kings, Game 5 (8pm), Heat vs Celtics, Game 7 (8:30p).   Should be a great night.  The only disappointment with all of this is The Belmont Stakes.  We had a chance to see history in the making, but the favorite, "I'LL HAVE ANOTHER" was scratched today due to injury, so we're going to go another year without a Triple Crown winner.  Which is a shame because this was the one year where we actually had a chance to see history being made.

Then there's the EURO 2012!  Day 1 has produced one good match already (Poland 1- Greece 1), and as I write this, Russia/Czech Republic looks to be a doozy as well.  This weekend's slate of matches are intriguing as well and the match times are perfect (12 noon and 2:30pm).  So if you are a hardcore soccer fan or just a casual observer, take in a match or two of the Euro tournament.  It's very entertaining.

Time to run errands.


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