It's Sunday night/Monday morning, and I'm ready to drop.  It was another long weekend, thanks to our second heatwave in two weeks, Canada Day preparations/celebrating and a great Euro Cup final.  There were more than a few memorable moments throughout the weekend and one thing I have learned from the weekend:  It's probably NOT a good idea to do day drinking on a 100-degree day.  Not that it happened to me, mind you, but I did witness some "zombie" action over the weekend.  And I'm not talking the bath salts variety either.

Otherwise, it was a very casual, enjoyable weekend, in spite of the dreadful heatwave.  Thankfully, our AC system held up, despite threats of and eventual happening of a Con Edison job stoppage.  Here are some highlights of the weekend:

ON ANOTHER NOTE: The NY Rangers parted ways with crowd (and bar) favorite, BRANDON PRUST yesterday; Prust, 28, ended up taking a much better deal from the Montreal Canadiens. I know a number of you say that he wasn't worth the money that he ended up getting from the Habs, but he was an integral part of the team in many ways; ways that you can't always measure on paper.  Well liked by all, including the coach, he will be missed here in New York, in more ways than one.  Just a gut feeling. 

The 4th of July falls on a Wednesday this week which makes it an awkward week of sorts because it's basically a wasted work week.  Many people took off today and tomorrow to enjoy an extra-long weekend, while even more people will probably take off this Thursday/Friday to gain their long weekend on the back end of the Independence Day holiday.  And for those of you who may find yourself having to work most of the week will find things a bit tedious, at best.  With so many people not being around,  chances are you will probably get frustrated at not being able to get a lot of things done.  Oh well, it is what it is.

In the meantime, it is our nation's 236th birthday this week and it's always great to celebrate and remember the things that make our nation great.  Sure we've taken our hits over the years and we have a lot of things we need to fix, but it is still a great country and we should pay homage to the rights and liberties that we have and enjoy.  So whether you spend the day with family or with friends at a BBQ or picnic, enjoy the day and take a moment to think about what we have and often take for granted.

As for us at Third and Long, we'll be open most of the week, but closed on July 4th.  In the meantime,  join us this Tuesday for our "Independence Day Kickoff",  a chance to start the 4th of July celebration with friends and co-workers before departing for the holiday!  We'll offer up $3 PBR cans along with our usual craft beer specials  and Fireball Whisky shots all night long!

TONIGHT: Join AMY SMART as she works behind the bar tonight during "MONDAY NIGHT UNWIND"!  She'll serve up copious amounts of domestic draft mugs for $2 each!  NY Yankees vs Tampa Bay headline a good MLB lineup and the U.S. Olympic Trials continue, so stop by and enjoy a couple of cold ones on the cheap!


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