The 2012 London Olympics has been very entertaining thus far, despite my constant criticism of NBC and how they are airing the Games.  The fact that they purposely withhold all of the popular events and air them during primetime, when the rest of world already knows the results vexes me to no end.

Starting with the Opening Ceremonies (and how they intentionally left out certain parts of the ceremony that the rest of the world got to see) up to now,  the tape-delayed broadcasts have been over-the-top and in a sense, anti-climatic.  I mean, seriously, how do you get excited about a big event, when you for the most part, already know the results?  With practically every sporting site on the Internet, Facebook and Twitter at your disposal, it's impossible not to know the results.  So why not simply air the good stuff when it happens?  You can then re-air it again in primetime (which you do anyway).

But apparently the complaints from me and tons of other fans seem to fall on deaf ears at NBC.  They are more than happy with the ratings that they are getting for these Games and have decided that this is the way they will go with their style of coverage.  They are so satisfied with the results that they have indicated that they will cover all of their future Olympics this way.

Again, don't get me wrong- these Games have been great.  For example, the Women's Soccer Semi-Final between USA & Canada was epic.  And the fact that we got to see the match LIVE in the afternoon made the match that much more enjoyable.  If I had to wait to see the match in prime-time, after already knowing the results, I have to say, I probably wouldn't have been so inclined to watch the match.  But to see the drama unfold, as it happened in real time was awesome.  Why can't NBC do that with the rest of the Games instead of cherry-picking certain events and holding them back until hours after it happened?

Look, I get the fact that NBC doled out millions of dollars to air the Games and they gotta make their money back somehow, and apparently their approach is working out well for them.  It doesn't mean that I have to like it.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to this:  NASA can air live shots of Mars (millions of miles away) with only a 10-15 minute delay, yet NBC give us primetime coverage of the best events, 6-8 hours later.  Pathetic.  Simply pathetic.


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