Week 1 of BREW CREW SUNDAY was a collection of fun loving chaos.  Between the return of our long-time collection of Brew Crew regulars and the increasingly-growing members of the DOLFANS NYC,  Week One had it's expected share of "the good, the bad and the ugly".

GOOD: Capacity crowd at the bar by 12:30pm.  We actually had to start a line.

BAD: We got so crowded that I had a difficult time making my way back and forth from the front to the back of the bar.  So as a result, I was unable to hang out with my Brew Crew regulars, which is a first in the existence of Brew Crew Sundays.  This will have to be fixed.

UGLY: The young lady who was so excited about her Broncos winning that she jumped up from her table and knocked over everyone's drinks.  "Oops"....

GOOD: The overwhelming turnout by Miami Dolphins fans, especially a lot of new faces who heard about Third and Long being a Dolphins bar.

BAD: I didn't get to play in any quarter pools.

UGLY: The 30-10 loss by the Dolphins to the Texans.  

GOOD: A relatively drama-free day.

BAD: We ran out of Fireball Whisky. :(

UGLY: After a 16-hour day of chaos, I can't feel my legs.

So overall, it was a great day for football fans, and not a moment too soon.  After a summer of soccer and Olympics and to an extent, MLB baseball, it's great to finally have football back!  And with the turnout we got this weekend, it's safe to see that you all agree!

And just when you thought you had enough football for one weekend, we wrap things up with a doubleheader TONIGHT!  Game 1 features Cincinnati vs Baltimore (7pm), followed by San Diego vs Oakland (10:30p)!  We'll carry both games (w/audio) and $2 domestic draft mugs & 2-for-1 Wine by the Glass (5pm-close)!

See you tonight!


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