Well, it's come down to this.  Game 5 between the NY Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles.  Seriously speaking, did you really envision this happening, especially if you are a Yankee fan?  Personally, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the Orioles are in the playoffs in the first place!  We're so used to them being the division doormats for so long, to see them in this position simply baffles me.

But they are, in fact, in the playoffs and on the verge of pulling the upset of upsets, right in the middle of Yankee Stadium.  Yes, on paper the NY Yankees should win this series hands down; however, the Orioles are playing destiny baseball at the moment.  They've caught breaks all season long, between great hitting when they needed it and timely pitching.  It's as if they know they shouldn't be here and are playing with house money.  So that puts them in a position of fearlessness.  Which makes them dangerous.

So going into tonight's game, all of the pressure will be on the Yankees to win.  Not because they have to win to advance, but because of who they are, they're SUPPOSED to win.  And with the way this series has played out, that may not be easy to do.  Who will win this series?


*NOTE: Game starts at 5pm!  Get here early! $4 Domestic drafts & well drinks (5-9pm)!

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I haven't watched any games, but how can the Yankee's beat anyone with six guys batting .214 or lower for the playoffs? The whole team is batting for a .216 average. Good thing they're in the AL and don't have to have a pitcher lower those figures any more.

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