Last night was pretty busy at the bar, and not just because it was "Craft Brew Tuesday".  It was Election Night and we had full election coverage on most of the TV's with audio, which drew a lot of curious onlookers.  This particular Presidential Election had been a particularly intense one, with supporters of both candidates eager to see their guy win.  So what better way to watch the drama of the election unfold than to watch and discuss with friends over a few beers?

As the numbers came in from across the country, you could sense the tension in the air, as both candidates exchanged leads throughout the night.  And what was more interesting was watching the election coverage from the various networks.  The projection numbers from Fox, CNN and ABC were all over the place- so much so that it was fascinating to listen to the debate between patrons on which network was closest to being correct with their projections.

While it was cool to watch the election results unfold throughout the night, the downside of watching the election is that there is a LOT of "downtime" in between actual results being reported.  So to listen to the pundits try and spin doctor various scenarios for 15-20 minutes at a time got to be tedious, at best.

Eventually we got the answer we were looking for when Fox became the first network to project that President Obama would win re-election.  Soon after, the other networks followed suit, declaring Obama as the winner.  Of course, there were cheers and tears throughout the bar when it became official.  This took place just before midnight.

(not sure if this couple was celebrating an Obama victory or consoling over a Romney defeat)

Then after what seemed like an eternity, came the speeches.  First the concession speech by Governor Romney, (which was pretty conciliatory and gracious in my opinion).  Then after more waiting, it was time for President Obama speech, which was filled with thanks to various supporters, as well as promise for change for the country; the usual stuff.  By the time he finished, the bar was almost empty.  It was pretty late at this point and almost 2 am.  After a LONG night of listening to people talk politics, I guess everyone was wiped out.  Just knowing the election was finally over seemed to be enough for most folks.

Now that the smoke has cleared on what was a volatile campaign, it's time to see what happens with our government this time around.  While the hope is that both parties can work together to bring our country back to prosperity, I have the feeling that egos will get in the way (again) and keep progress from taking form.  I only hope that our government proves me wrong.

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