CALLING ALL #NHL HOCKEY FANS IN #NYC (or what's left of you)....

We are over two months into the NHL lockout and with no signs of this thing ending anytime soon, we've decided to take matters into our own hands.  Yes, we rolled up our sleeves and brought back the big guns: The guys from HOCKEY THIS WEEK (@hockeythisweek) are back tonight to air another LIVE BROADCAST (6:30p) from Third and Long!  And yes, they will tackle the big elephant in the room:  the #NHL Lockout.  They will have guests (both live and on-air) and talk about everything that's been going on with this dammed lockout up to this point.

And after the broadcast, we will air the 1993 Stanley Cup clinching game between the L.A. Kings and the Montreal Canadiens on some of the TV's (hey, if the league can't give us the game in its present state, we may as well dig up the past, when the game was fun).

(photo credit: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

What we need to make this particular show a success?   Hockey fans!  By now, you must as frustrated with what's happened with the sport as we are and we'd love to hear from you!  Come by the bar, check out the show, ask questions, share your comments and feelings about the lockout (regardless of which side you're on)  and who knows?  You may even get on the air!  Meet up with fellow hockey fans! Wear your favorite team colors or wear black (if you're in mourning)!  Let's make this an impromptu "tweetup"!  Just swing by and let your voice be heard!

Fun starts tonight at 6:30pm and we'd love to see ya there!


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