Tonight is the night that Miami Dolphins fans have been waiting for all season- it's their only prime-time appearance this season, against the Buffalo Bills.  Both teams are coming off of losses, which makes this game extra important, especially if they want to still be considered for a playoff spot.

As for DolfansNYC members, this is the prime opportunity to have the whole bar to yourselves.  There will be plenty of drink specials ($25 Corona/Corona Lt. buckets, $4 Coors Lt. & DolfansNYC drafts and $1 off all other drafts if you're sporting your Miami Dolphins colors.  We'll also be holding a 50/50 raffle for charity throughout the game!

We highly recommend that you get here early as the place packs out pretty quickly.  If you ever had a chance to experience a Dolphins night game at Third and Long, you know how crazy it gets.  So do yourself a favor:  get here early- don't get shut out.  

See you tonight!


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Anonymous said...

Why couldn't fans of a good team claim your bar? Must kind of suck have a bunch of depressed drunks in your bar 12 weekends out of the year (because they're bound to win at least four games every year).

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