Woke up today feeling good about our status after reading a post from ConEdison saying that all of Manhattan would be up and running by TONIGHT!  So I'm at the bar with my "South of the Border Posse" (Raul & Tony) getting the bar cleaned up and sorted out so that when the power comes on, we could be ready to rock and roll.

However, since then, I've heard nothing but conflicting reports from the company on when we would actually get power.  First ConEd said Saturday night by 11pm. Then it was by tonight, no questions asked.  Then they retracted their statement and went back to tomorrow night.  Now I'm hearing possibly Sunday!  I don't know what to believe anymore!  All I know is, I'm frustrated, my staff is frustrated, the locals are frustrated.. practically everybody is frustrated with how all of this is going down.

Look, I understand that they are dealing with a hellafied situation of epic proportions.  I get that.  I also get that this is going to take more than a flick of a switch to get everything going.  Here's what I wish they would do.  Stop getting everyone's hopes high with conflicting timelines.  If you aren't 100% sure of when you'll get the problem solved, then don't post unrealistic dates and times.  If I know for sure you won't get it up and running by Sunday, then fine.  I may not like it, but at least I can deal with it.  This roller-coaster ride of emotions is taking too much out of me as well as all of the other displaced customers sitting in the dark.

That being said, we're still hoping to be up and running sometime this weekend.... God willing.


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