Last week we had the hurricane of all hurricanes unleash her wrath on the tri-state area, causing all sorts of havoc and grief.  Then just when we got a chance to catch our breath from that mess, we get blindsided with a nor'easter.  Talk about adding salt to an open wound.  Add to that freezing temps and that sums up a pretty crappy week.

Now it looks like Mother Nature is deciding to cut us a bit of a break, by bringing us temperatures in the mid-60's for this weekend.  This should help bring tri-state residents out of their funk and it should help with the cleanup efforts for the shore communities of New Jersey, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens.  And at this rate, these folks can use any kind of break they can get.

Last night, we hosted our weekly Pub Trivia event (rescheduled from Wednesday due to the nor'easter), and it was a pretty good time.  The crowd was decidedly different from what we normally get on our normal Pub Trivia nights;  The teams were pretty competitive, so much so, we actually had to disqualify a team for cheating.  In any event, it was a fun-filled evening and a good time was had by all.

Note written by the team that was disqualified for cheating.  Sore losers....

It was nice to see smiles on the faces of people, at least for a little while, after the week we've had.   Let's hope for more of the same this weekend.


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