BOXING DAY (or the day after Christmas)...

After spending the Christmas holiday with family and/or friends (or in my case, in bed with the flu), it's time to open up shop again.  On tap for Wednesday, December 26, 2012 is BOXING DAY (for the IrishBrits and Canadians), which in your case, means a treasure trove of soccer and hockey.

Now I'm not quite sure what "Boxing Day" is, but it seems to be quite a big deal (hint: if you really care to know the history behind BOXING DAY, click HERE).  My guess that there will be a lot of extra celebrating and/or shopping for those from across the pond and north of the border.  In any case, we got the following sporting events covered (please note: some of the events are tape-delayed due to European start times):

10 am-12 noon:

Manchester United vs Newcastle United (LIVE)
Manchester City vs Sunderland AFC (LIVE)
Chelsea FC vs FC Norwich City (LIVE)


Tottenham Hotspur FC vs Aston Villa FC (LIVE)

2:30pm - 5pm:

Liverpool FC vs Stoke City FC (LIVE)
Celtic FC vs Dundee FC (LIVE)


Canada vs Germany: 2013 World Juniors Hockey (TAPE DELAY)


Russia vs Slovakia: 2013 World Juniors Hockey (TAPE DELAY)
Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks (LIVE)


NY Knicks vs Phoenix Suns

It's also LADIES APPRECIATION NIGHT, where ladies will get reduced priced drafts/mixed drinks all night long!  

In the meantime, we hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas, including spending quality time with their loved ones.  Now it's time to get ready for New Year's Eve!


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