Here's hoping that you and your family had a great Christmas and are looking forward to saying goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013!

As we wind down 2012, I can look back on it and say with certainty that I'm glad it's over.  It's been a roller coaster year for our country.  And with the recent tragic events that gripped the nation (Aurora, CO, Newtown, CT & Hurricane Sandy), I think it's time for a fresh start in 2013.

As for the bar business; things have been on a steady keel for most of the year.  And while that's good in these economic times, we also said goodbye to a few of our veteran staff as they moved on to pursue other interests.  And while we wished them well, it was still sad to see them go.  But as with everything else, life goes on for everyone.  It's the nature of the business.

So with that being said, I look forward to ringing in a new year with my fellow Third and Long staff, friends and patrons on Monday night.  And as we raise our Fireball Whisky shots at the midnight hour, I'll be hoping for nothing but good things for my family and friends in 2013.

Cheers and good luck to all in 2013!

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