Well, the weekend's here and it looks like we have yet another storm to contend with.  The latest one descending upon us is a Nor'easter named NEMO, which is slated to dump anywhere from 6" to 18" of snow in the NYC area, and even more north of the city.  Of course, this brings about the usual panic from the local media, which in turn, cause the citizens of our fair city to rush out and buy every available gallon of water, box of crackers, bags of salt and blocks of cheese to survive the storm with.  Normally I'd say this is ridiculous and folks are overreacting to the storm.  I mean, it's February and we're supposed to get snow.  However, in light of what happened with Hurricane Sandy, I can understand people not wanting to take any chances.
The question I have is... NEMO?  Really?  Who comes up with these names?  I know that the National Weather Service didn't do it, because they don't name winter storms.  My guess is that it's The Weather Channel who came up with it.  Who gave them the authority to do it?  And if they are going to be cocky enough to start assigning names to storms, you'd think they would come up with something better than a friggin' fish.  Seriously.

In any case, the streets are relatively quiet at the moment; I'm guessing that many of you took Mayor Bloomberg's advice to stay home; A lot of folks I know who did go into work are getting out early, which is just as well.  Who's seriously going to concentrate on work on a Friday, when half of the office is out?

The bar is starting to fill with early dismissal "victims", looking to kill some time or simply enjoying the snowfall, which is always a cool thing to look at (not so cool to clean up though).  We're planning on staying open all weekend long.  With Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday looming,  we're all set to get the celebration started!  We received our delivery of Abita Purple Haze & Double Dog kegs, our assortment of beads and masks to dole out to our patrons, so expect to get your fair share of New Orleans fun from now through Fat Tuesday (Feb 12)!

THIS WEEKEND: We are opened ALL WEEKEND long, with great specials on tap every day/night!   In honor of FAT TUESDAY, we're serving up $5 Abita pints (Purple Haze & Double Dog) while supplies last!  We also have the NHL Center Ice package, which allows you to catch every NHL game this weekend, including the locals (Rangers, Islanders, & Devils), and out of town teams (Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Flyers, Bruins, etc).   And don't forget to cheer on the Knicks, Nets and your favorite NCAA teams too!

AND FINALLY:  If you are a fan of Twitter, please follow us at @thirdandlongnyc!  From time to time, we'll tweet out special deals just for our Twitter followers, especially on #TwitterTuesdays!

Have a great weekend!


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