Last night the bar received a visit from the radio broadcast team from TSN690, and members of the RDS broadcast team.  They are in town to cover the NY Islanders vs Montreal Canadiens game at Nassau Colosseum tonight.  Some of the members of the broadcast teams in attendance included John Bartlett, Pierre Houde, and former Habs players Marc Denis and Sergio Momesso.

It was rather ironic that I got to meet Sergio Momesso in particular, because in a round about way, he was one of the reasons I got into hockey in the first place.  Back in 1994, the NY Rangers were involved in a tough fight for the Stanley Cup vs the Vancouver Canucks.  Ranger fans were feeling pretty confident in winning the Cup, so much so that Ranger fans were becoming obnoxious about it.  Because of that, I began to cheer for Vancouver, partly to piss off the guys at the bar, and because of Sergio Momesso- I thought he had the coolest name in sports.

Alas, the Canucks ended up losing the Cup that year, but regardless of that, my interest in hockey started that year and has steadily grown ever since.   I moved my allegiance from the Canucks to the Senators, and eventually to my current team, the Habs.  And it's even more ironic that I am a currently a Habs fan, meeting a member of the Habs who helped spark my interest in the sport.  Talk about coming full circle.  And I have him partly to thank.

As for last night, it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to hang out with the members of the broadcast teams;  They were very nice, down to earth and awesome to talk with, especially Pierre Houde, who took some time to talk Formula 1 racing with me, of all things!  A great night, indeed, especially if you were a Habs fan!

Go Habs Go!



Anonymous said...

cool... never would've recognized him in a million years. He played a little bit with the Rangers towards the end of his career, too.

Jeff said...

Im surprised Zarles "Zarley" Zalapski isnt the name that got you into hockey. Best hockey name EVER!!!

swandad said...

His name is a classic one, but one I often butcher.