The last couple of days have been enjoyable ones here in NYC, with the temperatures soaring to 80 degrees with plenty of sunshine.  While we wouldn't necessarily classify them as "The Day", it was a pretty good trial run, seeing everyone shed their winter skin.

Normally I am not a fan of running errands, but in this business, it's a necessary evil.  However, with the pleasant weather we had the last couple of days, I didn't mind leaving the neighborhood.  And I'm glad I did.  To see all of the smiles on the faces of everyone taking advantage of the great weather, it was well worth it.

While I was walking around downtown, I walked by the Freedom Tower, currently being erected on the site of the World Trade Center.  It really felt nice to see it up and almost completed after what seemed like forever to get the project started.  And I have to say, it looks awesome!  Tall, proud and majestic, much like the old Trade Center did.  I look forward to the completion of the building so that I can venture to the observation deck and look out over the horizon.

Normally I am not a big fan of heights, but in this case I'm willing to get past that to go up to the top of the Freedom Tower and look out at the NYC skyline.  It's my way of telling the terrorists who took down the WTC that "Hey, we're back, stronger and prouder than ever." It's a small gesture, sure, but it's important to me.

In any case, the last couple of days were just what the doctor ordered as the bright sunny days and warm temps have definitely lifted the spirits of everyone in the neighborhood and in the city.  Let's hope that Mother Nature keeps things the way they are and give us our seasons back.


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Awe yes, can't wait for "The Day." I drive through Marquette University on my way home and when "The Day" hits it's like every college girl is competing against all the others on who can wear the shortest shorts and plunging neck line t-shirt. Needless to say I creep along for those five blocks to make sure I don't rear end the car in front of me.

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