In a game in which NY Ranger fans were expecting a bounce-back performance from their team, what they got instead was something from a team that looked like a shell of their former self.  The Rangers took a 1-0 lead and then basically played a game in which they looked as if they were trying NOT to LOSE instead of PLAYING to WIN.  That approach almost never works and sure enough, it cost them in the end as Boston played a relentless game in route to a 2-1 comeback victory.

This puts the Rangers in an unthinkable 3-0 series hole and on the verge of elimination.  What makes it worse is that they could possibly get eliminated on home ice.  Talk about embarrassment!  I wasn't expecting from this series, not even close.  Let's face it, the Bruins have outplayed the Rangers in practically every facet of the series and have done the little things that you need to do to win.  If the Bruins do end up winning this series, they totally deserve it.  Tomorrow night is the NY Rangers last chance to win a game to keep the series going.  Lose this, and it's tee time for the Blueshirts and a disappointing end to a team filled with high expectations.  Catch the game here at 7pm (w/audio).  We'll have plenty of giveaways (rally towels, t-shirts, etc) for the diehard Ranger fans who haven't jumped ship yet!


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