Friday, September 23, 2005


We have a guest bartender working with BLONDE CHATTERBOX tonite; This should prove to be particularly interesting to the ladies in that our guest bartender is none other than a member of the 2005-06 FDNY Calendar, the always popular pin-up calender stocked with hunks from the FDNY. So spread the word to your girlfriends and check him out behind the stick.

Last night was a rahter mellow night on the Avenue. Pretty unusual in that it wasn't one of those Jewish holidays that tends to invade us at this time of year; the weather was spot-on perfect for after-work imbibing; Not sure what to make of it, to be honest with you. SO if you are looking for some juicy tidbits to read, I'm afraid that I can't help you today, for there's nothing to report. I could talk about how I spent the majority of my afternoon watching the PATRICK THE REPAIRMAN fix our frozen margarita machine (a thrilling event, let me tell you), or how I caught another mouse with my RATZAPPER. Or I could vent further about my foot and how it's killing me. But what would be the point in that? ;)

Just bumped into REDBULL DIVA. Damn she's hot. Damn she's nice. Damn she's hot AND nice....

FRIDAY: After Work Happy Hour (5pm-9pm) $3 Domestic Drafts/ $5 Cosmos, Appletinis & Margaritas. DJ tonite, BLONDE CHATTERBOX & SPECIAL GUEST BARTENDER (FDNY CALENDAR BOY) behind the stick.

SATURDAY: "Kick the Keg" Saturday (12pm-8pm) $2 mugs, all beers on tap (until the keg kicks); ESPN GAME PLAN (for all of your college games) SEXY BLONDE & TEACHERS' PET behind the stick.

SUNDAY: "Fantasy Football Sundays". $3 Domestic Drafts ALL DAY; NFL SUNDAY TICKET (for your NFL fix); Also COORS LIGHT PROMO (w/Coors Light models) and $3 Coors Light bottles during NY JETS/JACKSONVILLE and NEW ENGLAND/PITTSBURGH games. Yours truly behind the stick.

Have a good weekend and hope to see you soon!


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