Friday, September 9, 2005


As I look back over the past couple of days, I must remember to send a memo to myself for the following:

1) Never, ever again book a Karaoke DJ. We've done it in the past and I am instantly reminded of why we don't do it. It's loud, obnoxiously annoying, and it's "American Idol" gone horribly wrong.

2) Fess up when you can't remember someone's name. It's rather embarassing when you are holding a conversation for fifteen minutes and then a chick calls you on it and blows up your spot.

3) Try not to take things personally on the job. Remember that you are dealing with a lot of elements, whether it be a drunk customer, a frustrated co-worker or other factors that may annoy the hell out of you at that moment. Remember that you can only deal with things that you can control- if something is going on that you have no control over, then it's not worth the stress.

4) Get a new flashlight and hide it. It's hard to have credibility at the door when you are wielding a baby blue "Lion King" flashlight. Doesn't seem to have the same "OOMPH".

5) Try to avoid politics at all costs...While the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina may trigger passions within you to stand on your soapbox and wax poetic, more often than not the parties involved end up trying to shout their points across instead of listening...and that becomes a big turnoff for both you...and everyone else around you.

6) Compliments work. Even if you have to fish hard for a compliment for the 200-lb young female executive with the unsightly skirt, or that geeky IT guy with the very bad combover, do it anyways. It more often than not, makes their night, and it's a good karma thing: what goes around, comes around.

I'd come up with more, but i'm saving them for my book...

Last night, the bar hosted a private party for one of the major financial institutions. There were about 50-60 people who came straight from work, ready to indulge in some hard core open bar drinking. And drink they did. On top of that, the company hired out a karaoke DJ to help get the employees into the spirit of fun. Now while I normally don't have a problem with karaoke, per se.... I've found that when you combine karaoke with open bar, it usually equals busted eardrums. In any case, the employees had a good time and stuck around long after their party ended.

Last night also introduced the new NFL season with a much-anticipated matchup between New England and Oakland. The game turned out to be very entertaining, but the best part of the game wasn't so much the game itself, but to see the various members of the Sunday Afternoon Football Crew stopping by to say hi and to "reserve" their spots for our weekly ritual. It was good to see the "regulars" like GOLDIE, BNG, T-BILL, OLD FART and others. I also got to speak to a few new people who recently moved into the neighborhood and expressed excitement about the upcoming season and hanging out at Third and Long for the games. I am really looking forward to this Sunday....DAMMIT! Should be a good time.

This weekend brings about the first REAL weekend of gridiron action and we are here to cover all of the action for you. As a matter of fact, there is a LOT going on: you have YANKEES/RED SOX all weekend; U.S. OPEN FINALS this weekend as well. Then we can't forget all of your COLLEGE and NFL FOOTBALL action both Saturday and Sunday. We carry both ESPN GAME PLAN and NFL SUNDAY TICKET so if you are looking for a specific game and those programs carry the game- then chances are pretty good that we'll have it. As always, call the bar (212).447.5711 for more information.


: After-Work Happy Hour (5pm-9pm), $3 Domestic Drafts/$5 Cosmos, Appletinis and Margaritas. DJ Grimace spins the tunes all night long!

: "Kick the Keg" Saturdays (12pm-7pm). $2 mugs, all beers on tap (until the keg KICKS!). ESPN GAME PLAN for all of your college games!

SUNDAY: "Fantasy Football Sundays". $3 Domestic drafts during all day long! Join the Touchdown Club (see bartender for details).


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