Sunday, September 11, 2005


Before getting into the happenings of the last couple of nights, I want to take time to remember those individuals that were lost in the tragedy of 9/11. It's been four years already since that fateful day and yet, I can say that the events of the day are still fresh in my mind. Prayers goes out to those who suffered tragic losses on that day. You are in my thoughts.

Friday night was a pretty busy night for us as we had visitors in town for the 9/11 festivities. One group in particular was members of the Detroit Fire Department. We got to know them during the initial 9/11 crisis as they were one of many groups of firemen from around the world who came in and assisted in the recovery efforts of the WTC. These guys have been here every year since and I have to say, they are a great bunch of guys. Very outgoing, friendly and funny as hell. Heck, they even schedule vacations around us and always travel at least ten strong. A good bunch of guys who loves to party....hard!

We also got invaded by a bunch of Westchester kids (although at my age pretty much everyone is a kid, I guess..); You know the type: Izod wearing, mummy and daddy's having lunch at the club, meet-me-by-the-pool types. Apparently they were there to celebrate someone's birthday. While they apparently enjoy being amongst themselves, blowing air kisses and trashing each other behind their backs, they are more often than not, pains in the asses for the staff. They bitch and moan about drink prices all the time, tip in coin (if you are lucky) and try to make you feel privileged to serve them. *grrrrrrrr* And if that isn't enough, they badger the DJ for requests all the time and get offended if you don't have anything from PHISH or NICKEL CREEK or if you play too much "dark music" as I overheard someone say. WTF..... Our staff was definately kept on their toes.

Saturday was pretty busy as well, starting with the afternoon; We had a very good crowd for college football and "Kick the Keg". A lot of Notre Dame fans left very happy with their unexpected victory over Michigan; There were also a lot of people there for the U.S. Open tennis action. Saturday night found us with the pleasure of not only hosting a bachelorette party of about 18 pretty good looking thirtysometing types, but also a guest bartending stint featuring our own ANGEL and HASHBROWNIE. They were pretty good this time around compared to their initial appearance; Last time I checked, I didn't hear any bottles breaking and our cash register still has all of its buttons intact. As for the bachelorette party, they definately had a good time, entertaining the guys as well as themselves, dancing on tables, with each other, with guys, you name it, they were doing it. And at least half of them definately took a shine to our bartender, P-DIDDY, which in of itself, is pretty comical.

Today is FANTASY FOOTBALL SUNDAY. For football fans, this is the HOLY GRAIL of weekly activities. Non-stop NFL action all day long. It doesn't get any better than this. $3 DOMESTIC DRAFTS all day long and plenty of bullshit being tossed about; Who could ask for more? (okay, maybe topless waitresses, but a guy can dream, can't he?). Speaking of which, I have to cut this short so I can mentally prepare for the onslaught of football and football fans. Have a good day and remember to enjoy yourselves-life's to short not to!


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Who doesn't take a shine to P Diddy behind the bar.....