Saturday, October, 1, 2005


Last night was the first game of the BIG SHOWDOWN, between the YANKEES and the RED SOX. The crowd for the game was pumped up for the action and I knew it would be a long, interesting night when I had a rowdy bunch of construction guys sitting in the front area, causing havoc. Now they weren't being malicious about it; simply letting off steam after a hard's day work-which is fine. There was one guy in particular, however, that was being a bit more annoying than the rest. He was a haggard-looking guy, much like Grizzly Adams. He kept spilling his drinks, being loud and obnoxious, and just a general pain in the ass. I finally had to cut him off and banish him to the outside, to the relief of everyone inside.
Once he left, everyone else settled in for the big game. It was a pretty intense game with the crowd being about 75% Yankees fans. When the Red Sox began to pull away, you could sense that the crowd was starting to deflate. While this was going on, I couldn't help but to focus on the other important game, the one involving AMERICA'S TEAM, the CLEVELAND INDIANS. They had a lot at stake as well, fighting for a playoff spot with the two aforementioned teams. Alas, at the end of the game, the RED SOX ended up winning and the bar immediately cleared out, as if someone dropped a massive fart or something. The pinstripe contingent were not happy with the results and didn't bother to stick around to drown their sorrows.

So as I stood outside to gauge the foot-traffic situation, I ran into a Third and Long favorite, MADAME X. Now we haven't seen much of her lately; The last time she was in, she mentioned that she was trying to cut down on her drinking because she had gained too much weight. So now she's on this fitness kick, playing tennis and lugging bags of laundry for exercise. On this fine night, however, she looked like she was ready for a night on the town. She said hello and mentioned that she was waiting for her date to meet her. Hmmm....

Around this time, MR. LOW-KEY stopped by. He'd been out with some friends and wanted to say hi before making his way home. While he was filling me in on his day, like a whirlwind comes ANGEL and her sidekick, CRIMSON CAMEL-TOE. ANGEL and her entourage had just spent the evening at EARL'S for dinner/drinks when they decided to stumble over to our place. Now everyone knows that when these girls roll in, anything's possible; but this time they were more subdued than normal, which for most of us, equals hyper, at best. That being said, they are always a handful and a barrel of laughs. I also have to add that I've come to the conclusion that ANGEL would make the ultimate "Wing Man or Woman" (or whatever you want to call it); She always seem to roll with the hotties...damn. And CRIMSON CAMEL TOE is no exception, whoo-rah! She is definitely blessed!


So overall, the night was a good night, albeit, a weird one; There were a lot of odd pairings and groups that came in and out throughout the night. And for some reason, the hours seemed to D-R-A-G.... but at least there were no problems, no fights and everyone went home safe. And best of all, after work, I went across the street to EXCEL NEWS for my newspaper and my obliglitory scratch-off, and walked away with a tidy sum of cash.....SWEEEEEEEEEEET!

KICK THE KEG SATURDAY: $2 mugs, all beers on tap (until the keg runs dry), 12-8pm. Catch the YANKEES/RED SOX and ESPN GAME PLAN all day long!
Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be flipping back and forth between the baseball game and the ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW MARATHON on TVLAND, before taking part in my fourth Fantasy Hockey draft tonite....

By the way, I want to thank the "BARMAN" for stopping by yesterday and adding us to his list of "conquests". If you didn't read yesterday's entry, the BARMAN, is on a quest to hit 1,000 bars in a year. His website link is located on the right, if you want to check out all the bars he's hit thus far. He had a pretty nice write-up of our establishment and he's welcome back anytime. Good luck on the homestrech of your journey!

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