Friday, September 30, 2005, Pt. II

OOPS...WERE #823!

I ran into "The BARMAN" this morning as I was setting up outside. He seemed like a pretty nice guy- he was scheduled to meet with the film documentarian at around 12 noon, but was a few minutes early. So he decided to pop over to JACKSON HOLE for a quick one before settling in at THIRD AND LONG. That made the count: 822-JACKSON HOLE and 823-THIRD AND LONG.

The film documentarian decided to film a scene with "THE BARMAN" having a conversation and a beer with our own MEAN GENE, which was a good choice as MEAN GENE can have a conversation with practically anyone; he's good like that. After the filming was done, we chatted a bit more about his travels, some of the things he's seen and such. He's pretty down to earth and pretty proud of his accomplishments in relation to his odyssey. He's set to travel to Spain after this and he hopes to have his goal completed sometime before the end of the year. Make sure to check out his site (listed in the links section on the right).

After hanging out with THE BARMAN, I had a few errands to run. Of course I still had my camera with me and how lucky was I to have it. You always see things on 3rd Avenue that makes you say "HMMMM..."; and today was no exception. I'm walking across 33rd Street and who do I see coming out of Gristides? None other than Dolomite, the Killer Pimp! Now I initially walked by him, shaking my head. Then I realized that this was indeed a "Kodak moment", so I ran back and took a picture of him as he sashayed across the street. He knew he was BAD and wanted the whole world to know it...Bless his heart. Talk about inspiration for Halloween!

By the way, will we ever see MR. GOOD SAMARITAN again? Talk about M.I.A...

I then ran into NAYEFF, the proprietor of MANHATTAN CENTER MARKET, one of my favorite places to shop in the neighborhood. They have pretty good sandwiches, I usually get my coffee from there; and it's just a great place to have a good conversation with good people. He and his brother, FERRIS are native Aussies and a couple of the funniest guys you'll ever meet. Definitely make a point to stop in and tell them I sent ya!

That's about it for now; I still have more errands to run before tonite.


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